Thank you for volunteering your time and knowledge as a coach for our League. This corner contains important details about the upcoming season. 

Season Structure

1. Pre-season

a. Head Coaches complete a separate registration where they upload a completed concussion awareness training certificate, agree to participate in a background check, and acknowledge our Code of Conduct, Rule Book Addendum and the terms and conditions for representing the League. We also use this registration form for returning coaches to provide their preferences for: schedule, jersey color, and returning players (keepers) from their previous season. (Player registration for their child is completed separately.)

b. Coach Meeting: Each season the Head Coaches for each division will meet with a board member and/or Divisional Coordinator to review the League guidelines, DGSA Addendum, Code of Conduct and request to borrow team equipment. (Reminder - team equipment must be returned at the end of the season.)

c. Tryouts: Each season brings new talent that may have aged up from the earlier divisions or come from other leagues. Tryouts are held for every division with the exceptions of 8U, keepers, and coach's children. Coaches can observe batting, running and fielding skills along with specialty positions (specialty tryouts are for players with previous P, C game experience). Coaches and other volunteers will help run tryouts for other divisions when not observing talent for their division. 

d. Draft: After Tryouts are completed, the Head Coaches for each division will meet with a board member and Divisional Coordinator to select their players. Each team selects their returning players (keepers) first, then their specialty positions (P, C), then their remaining players until every registered player is placed on a team. If there are players that do not attend tryouts for any reason, other than keepers, they will be randomly placed on the next available team. 

e. Team Rosters: Each season team rosters are formed with registered players based on the following priority: division, coach/player ratio, keeper's list, draft selection, specialty position, random placement. Parents and Coaches should discourage coach and/or friend requests during the registration process and encourage positive experiences with new friends and/or coaches. Rosters will be distributed to coaches prior to the first week of practices. It is the coach's responsibility to contact each player and provide season updates. Coaches cannot modify team rosters without preapproval from the Board.

e. Practices / Game Schedules: We partner with the City of Peoria for our field reservations. Registration fees cover the cost for each team to receive 2 events / week. Coaches can set up additional training/scrimmages/practices for their team within the City of Peoria, however the cost of additional events is not covered by DGSA and should not be mandatory for players.

f. Team Sponsorships: Each season we look for sponsorships to help support our league efforts. Coaches should communicate and encourage families to consider sponsorship. In appreciation for their level of sponsorship, sponsors may have their names placed on team banners, DGSA's website, a gratitude plaque and letter. 

g. Season Events (planning): Coaches are the main point of contact for their respective team(s). When we offer events (such as: clinics, invitationals, picture day, etc.), the coaches should communicate this information to their entire team/families.

2. Season: 

a. Practice / Game Plans: Coaches should create practice/game plans for their events to include warmups/stretching, batting, and fielding. The practice plan design is at the discretion of the Head Coach with the interest of player development. Game plans should also include providing a batting line-up to the opposing team before the start of the game.

b. League Representation: Coaches should have a keen interest in the safety, well-being, and overall development of our athletes. You are the primary contact for your rostered players and responsible for your team and spectators while participating in League events. We ask that our coaches lead by positive example by upholding and enforcing the League's Code of Conduct, the Rule Book Addendum, as well as the rules and directions from the City of Peoria. We encourage all volunteers to approach this season with a positive attitude, intense work ethic, and confidence in your skills & abilities as you represent the League on and off the field. 

If you have questions or need additional support, we have enlisted Divisional Coordinators (DCs) who are the primary contact for our head coaches. Our dedicated DCs work diligently behind the scenes to to keep our coaches informed and keep things moving as smooth as possible. Once your Head Coach registration is completed and you have been selected as a coach, your Divisional Coordinator will contact you and the other coaches in your division. If there is a concern about a Divisional Coordinator's support, coaches should contact a board member directly. 

When conflict arises and it cannot be immediately deescalated by the coach, we ask for a 24-hour waiting period before attempting to address with others. This includes parents, DCs and Board members (Players and umpires should never be involved in any conflict after the game has ended.) Once a situation is brought to the DC, we ask for 1 week to review and follow-up. If a situation is escalated to the Board, it will be added to the agenda of the next Board meeting. No decisions will be made without Board approval. If the conflict involves any safety concern, the park ranger and/or authorities should be immediately notified as well as the DC.

Please remember, all volunteers, staff and board members are all unpaid volunteers. We all have full-time employment and will follow up with League concerns based on individual availability. When in doubt, please error on the side of safety, good sportsmanship, and assume positive intent.

c. Field Maintenance (Contact List) and Umpires

For concerns related to your designated field reservation such as lights, locked gates, and field conditions, call the following:

     Park Ranger Hotline: 623-773-7700

     Rain out Hotline: 623-773-7575

     Pioneer Park:  Office: 623-773-7060, Mobile: 623-888-1770

     Rio Vista Park: Office: 623-773-8608, Mobile: 623-888-1566

For concerns related to an umpire's attendance or conduct, please contact your Divisional Coordinator.

c. Game Scores (except coach pitch): Both teams should keep score for the game and reconcile the outcome prior to leaving the field. Both teams should report their game score at the conclusion of each game through the TeamSnap app. Scores (WLT) will be used for playoff seeding in all divisions. 

d. Playoffs / Championship: Playoffs will be held for each division, except 8U. If there are an odd number of teams, the 1st seeded team will take a 'Bye'. Playoffs will continue with the highest seeded team playing the lowest seeded team until there are 2 teams remaining. The final 2 teams will play in the Championship game, the 2 teams that did not make it into the Championship game will play for 3rd and 4th place, if there are enough teams in that specific season. 

f. Picture Day: DGSA partners with a photography company to take team, individual, and action photos of our players. The photographer who provides this service donates a portion of their proceeds back to the League. All Head Coaches will receive a free team photo and every player will have the opportunity to purchase additional photos of the team and themselves directly through our vendor, Threw My Lenz Photography. Picture day/ time is pre-scheduled so that all players on each team are present for the team photo. Coaches should encourage their players to arrive early, dressed in full uniform, with accessories ready. We discourage unauthorized photography on Picture Day.

3. Post-Season: 

a. Coach Meeting: Each season the Head Coaches for each division may be asked to provide feedback and solutions that will help make future seasons more successful.

b. Team Equipment Return: At the conclusion of your last game of the season, please return your equipment to your divisional coordinator or member of the board. This includes: canvas bag with all practice and game balls, catcher's gear and duffle bag, dugout signage, first aid kits, along with League requested pitching machines, batting tees and nets.