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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions

Each season we update our information to help parents, players and coaches stay informed. The information below has been updated on January 4, 2024. 

What are the differences in age divisions?

We accept all players from 4 through 18 years of age. Eligibility, pitching distance, and ball size are based on age division. 

Players cannot register or play in lower divisions; however, they can play in higher divisions based on previous experience and skill level. 

Age Eligibility According to Birth Year for each season. Please use USSSA age calculator to determine competitive age group. 

(EX: If competitive age is 11, lowest eligible division is 12u. If competitive age is 13, lowest eligible division is 14u.)






25-35 Feet (Coach/Kid Pitch)

11 inch



35 Feet

11 inch



40 Feet

12 inch



43 Feet

12 inch


High School+

43 Feet

12 inch


+ If there are not enough players or coaches to create a single division, other divisions may be combined to allow all registered players the opportunity to play.

Is previous softball experience required?

We welcome all softball talent levels, from beginner to advanced. All registered girls will be placed on a team where they will receive play time; at least two innings in the field, and in a consecutive batting line up for every scheduled game.


How long does the season run?

We plan for 2 weeks of practices before the first game, 10 regular season games, and an additional week for playoffs. (8u does not include playoffs.)

 Where are practices/games held?

We hold our events in the City of Peoria. Practices and games are typically scheduled at Rio Vista Community Park (8866 W Thunderbird Rd), Pioneer Community Park (8755 N 83rd Ave), and Ira Murphy Park (7230 W Cheryl Dr).

What is the practice and game schedule?

Schedules are based on City of Peoria’s field availability and coach input. We schedule fields on weekday nights at 5:45pm and 7:15pm. 8u events may be scheduled for Saturday mornings at 8am or 9:30am.

When do practices begin?

Practices typically start the week after the Draft. High School Spring Season starts later than the other divisions due to High School Softball regulations (AIA rule 27.2). 

How often do teams have events?

We schedule 2-3 events a week for each team, as fields permit. This could be 2 practices, 2 games, or a combination.

Do I have to be a Peoria resident to participate?

Players from Peoria, AZ and any of the surrounding cities are welcome to join our recreational softball league. If your player is interested in softball and can attend the practices/games schedule for the season, we invite them to be part of Diamond Girls Softball Association.


When does Registration open?

DGSA has two seasons, Spring and Fall. Registration opens online in January for the Spring, and late July to early August for Fall.

When does Registration close?

Each season, online registration closes after 6 weeks or when the player to coach ratio is maxed. Registration updates are shared on our Facebook page.

What is the Registration Fee?

Regular registration fee for 8U is $125 a season; all other divisions are $150 a season. A Late Fee is automatically included after the regular registration period ends. 

Where can I register my player?

You can sign up online by visiting our website under the registration tab. Registration is first come, first serve.


What does DGSA provide?

For registered players - DGSA provides a jersey and matching socks.

For teams - DGSA partners with the City of Peoria for practice/game field reservations, schedules game officials with certified umpires, and provides team equipment to the head coach, as requested. Team equipment includes catcher’s gear, dug-out signage, practice balls, first aid kits, and game balls. (8U does not keep score.) Pitching machine can be provided for a single practice upon request and availability. All team equipment should be returned to DGSA after the last game of the season is completed.

What gear and equipment does my player need?

Each player will need softball pants, batter’s helmet with face guard, fielder’s glove, softball bat, and cleats.

Your coach will tell you what color softball pants your player should have; usually black or gray.

Batting helmets must have a faceguard and chin strap and/or compression.

Fielder’s gloves and bats should be designated for fastpitch softball. 8u-12u: cleats should be molded or plastic. Older divisions can wear metal cleats.

Face masks are required to be worn by all pitchers; all catchers are required to wear full gear with a throat guard as part of their catcher’s mask. If your player has her own catcher’s gear, she is welcome to wear it. 

How do I know what size bat or glove my player needs?

Here are helpful links to determining if your player’s bat or glove is the right size for her.

Effective January 1, 2024: We will have tryouts for both our Spring and Fall Seasons. 


When are tryouts?

10U, 12U, 14U tryouts are in February. High School Division tryouts are in late March/early April for the Spring season, due to the high school ball schedules. DGSA will send an email to parents/guardians of registered players with the date, time and location. Players unable to attend tryouts, and all coach-pitch players, are randomly placed on a team and cannot request a specific team.

Does my player need a physical before trying out?

A sports physical is not required to play in our league. We do expect that you would only allow your player to participate if she is in good health. 


When will I know which team my player is on?

Rosters are created after the Draft is finalized. For coach/kid-pitch teams, this takes place after Registration closes. Prior to the first practice, parents/guardians will be notified by one of the volunteer coaches for their assigned team.

How are rosters created?

All registered players will make a team. Team rosters are formed based on the following priority: division, coach/player ratio, keeper's list, draft selection, specialty position, random placement. We discourage coach and/or friend requests during the registration process and encourage positive experiences with new friends and/or coaches.

Can I request for my player to have the same coach?

Returning coaches can request to keep up to 5 returning players from their previous season. If you are interested in your player having the same coach from the previous season, please let your coach know before registration begins.

Can I request for my player to be on a specific team due to transportation / scheduling?

If your player needs to be on the same team as another player, a request to the coach can be made prior to tryouts. The coach can attempt to select the other player during the draft. It is not a guarantee that they can be on the same team. 



Where can I register as volunteer?

On the player registration form, you can indicate your interest in volunteering. Head Coaches have a separate registration process.

 What type of volunteers are needed?

Each season we ask for Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Parents, Parent Volunteer, and board members. The more volunteers we have, the more players we can support. 

Are volunteers paid for their time?

DGSA volunteers do not have paid positions. We are purely volunteering time, knowledge, and the love of softball for our community. This includes: all board members, managers, coaches, team parents and parent volunteers. We do our best to make things run smoothly for the love of the game. We are not perfect, and we do make mistakes, but work diligently to fix them as quick as we can.

What does Opening Day entail?

Opening Day is a celebration for all divisions and the first day of the season, beginning with our National Anthem and an honorary first pitch.

All players represent their team in full jerseys, holding their sponsor/team banner during their parade around the bases. Additional activities and events are available to celebrate the event. First games of the season, scheduled at 5:45pm, will commence after the parade. Concession stands, and other booths may be available.

If interested in volunteering or being part of the festivities, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know more about how you’d like to be involved.

What is Picture Day?

Photo shoots are scheduled by team, usually held on a Saturday morning at Rio Vista Community Park, near the fountain. Although attendance is not mandatory, team photos are taken with all players in full uniform. Players have the option to purchase individual photos from the independent photographer, if desired. 

How can my player receive more softball skills training?

We offer skills clinics to assist the girls with pitching, catching, batting and fielding. Clinics are typically held at Pioneer Park or Rio Vista Park in Peoria. Clinic information will be shared on our Facebook page and sent to coaches for team distribution.

How can I follow DGSA?

Season updates and communication is shared on our Facebook page. Please like, share and comment on our posts to help build our softball community.

Does DGSA require fundraising?

Families are not required to fundraise for their team or our league. If a company or local business would like to help support our softball association, we accept donations and sponsorships.

How does my player's team get a sponsor?

DGSA is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization; your donations are tax deductible. To become a sponsor or donate to our league, please visit our sponsor tab, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We appreciate the support from our community.

How can I donate to DGSA?

You can help increase AmazonSmile donations to Diamond Girls Softball Association by shopping at smile.amazon.com/ch/46-3468967 or with AmazonSmile ON in the Amazon Shopping app.


What should I expect after I register my player? 


  • After registration closes, divisions and teams will be created with Head Coaches and keepers.
    • All parents interested in coaching must complete the Head Coach Registration prior to tryouts.
    • Head Coaches are able to keep up to 5 returning players from their previous season (their daughter plus 4 more). All other previous players should tryout. 
  • Coaches can attempt to select any player that requests to be placed on their team during the Draft meeting. It is not a guarantee that the coach will win the player in the draft.
    • Any requests for a specific team should be made directly to the coaches prior to Tryouts. 
    • If requests are made via email or FB to the League, they will be redirected to contact the coaches directly.
  • Only guarantees for team placement are 1) parent registered as the Head Coach, 2) sibling on same registration form in same division, 3) Player is 1 of 5 keepers who registers before tryouts.



  • All registered players are eligible to be rostered for 1 division/season. 
    • All registered HC daughters and keepers are immediately placed on their respective team and do not tryout. 
    • If a keeper is not registered before tryouts, they are not guaranteed a position on their coach's roster, and may be randomly assigned.
  • Unassigned players are invited to tryout at a designated day/time for the division that they registered for.
    • During tryouts, if the League determines a player is too advanced for their age group, they may be asked to play up in a higher division.


  • Tryouts will be evaluated by Head Coaches in each Division.
    • Coaches should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to review any Rule Book changes and meet other coaches.
    • Coaches and volunteers are asked to assist with other tryout dates when not evaluating their own division. Volunteers are always welcome and appreciated.
  • Each participant should arrive earlier than 15 minutes before tryout time, check in with the volunteer to receive their tryout number, and to warm up for their tryout. 
    • Participant should confirm if have played in a specialty position (pitcher / catcher) in a previous season. 
      • Specialty positions will be evaluated in addition to the standard tryout. 
  • Tryouts will consist of batting, running, fielding and throwing. 
    • Players should bring their own bats, cleats, gloves, catcher's gear. (We suggest writing your name on your belongings as it is a shared dug out.)
    • Catchers gear and helmets will be available if needed to complete the tryout.
  • Parents are encouraged to quietly watch the tryouts from the bleachers. 
    • We ask that parents not hover around the dugout, nor interfere with tryouts. This is your players' time to shine!
    • Specialty positions may need parents to help with warm-ups. Please bring your glove to help your player prepare for their tryout. (P/C should arrive earlier than 15 minutes to prepare.)
  • Other than specialty positions, once the player completes their assigned tasks and leaves the field, their tryout time is complete.
    • We encourage players to quietly watch other players trying out from the bleachers.



  • Draft Meeting will take place within a week of Tryouts. 
    • 1 coach from each team should come prepared to make team selections based on how they evaluated players. 
    • Each coach will confirm their pitcher/catcher positions prior to selecting other players. The intent is to allow for every team to have a pitcher and a catcher, when possible.
    • Each coach will continue to take turns selecting team members until all registered players are assigned.

Team Rosters:

  • Once all tryout participants have been selected, all remaining registered players who did not attend tryouts, will be randomly placed and not eligible for trades. 
    • Any trades must be made during Draft meeting and team assignment.
    • Any requests for a specific team should be made directly to the coaches prior to Tryouts and are unable to be accepted post Draft meeting. 
    • Rosters will be confirmed by coaches by the end of the Draft meeting and published online for parents to see.
    • Jersey orders will be placed after Rosters are finalized at the Draft meeting.


  • After teams have been published, coaches will contact all parents for their respective team prior to the first practice. 
    • Communication may be done through email, text, chat, forums, etc using phones, computers, and the TeamSnap app. 
    • As authorized representatives of the League, coaches are the primary contact for all parents/players.
      • If you have not heard from your coach, check TeamSnap for messages and contact the coach directly.


  • Coaches will set expectations for the team and season with their parents and players that align with DGSA's mission and Code of Conduct.
  • Additional volunteers may be asked to help on the team or League level, as needed.  If you are interested in helping, please let your coach know. We are all unpaid volunteers. 
  • Coaches will create their practice/game plans, batting line ups and fielding positions based on how your player is responding to coaching and developing their skills. 
  • Practices and Games are scheduled by the League at designated City of Peoria softball fields. Additional practices/events may be held at other Peoria facilities. 

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Other questions:

If you have additional questions that have not been answered here, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.